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Hi! I’m Arjun. I consider myself an AI Researcher, an Entrepreneur, a writer, and first and foremost, a student. I’m finishing up my MS in Computer Science on the AI track at Stanford University, where I'm supported by the Coterminal Engineering Fellowship, and I recently graduated from Stanford with my BS in Computer Science with a Minor in History.

Here's a little bit about what I'm interested in, and how I'm helping make them a reality:

The Future of Human Computer Interaction

First and foremost, I’m interested in technology that’ll fundamentally change how we as humans interact with the world around us. In my opinion, that technology is a mixture of AI and Augmented Reality. In the past, I’ve lead research explorations at the New York Times on what journalism may look like in the era of spatial computing, and have interned 3x at Apple doing things I mostly can’t talk about (except for the fact that I worked on Applied Machine Learning / ML Research on the Vision Pro and other undisclosed projects!).

I also enjoying sharing my passions with others through teaching, and have helped create and teach 2 classes at Stanford - CS11si and CS12si.

See also: Working with NASA to create a Reinforcement Learning-based Intelligent AR Interface for their Artemis Missions (Think JARVIS), putting together Stanford's biggest XR conference, and research projects such as Sketch to Shape in VR and Egocentric Question and Answering for AR Glasses

AI for Better Policy

Additionally, I’m interested in questions and decisions of how we choose to govern ourselves … and what decisions are due for an upgrade. Specifically, I’m interested in how AI can be used in our policymaking process, through methods such as better nationwide polling (a topic I explored during my stint at the Biden Campaign), and human-agentic simulation, the latter of which is the topic of my Master’s Thesis at Stanford's AI Lab. As a part of this, I’ve become exceedingly interested in the fields of LLMs as Agents, Mechanism Design, and Political Philosophy.

See also: Some of my essays from my time studying Digital Era Governance at Oxford's Internet Institute, a class I taught to High Schoolers on Decision Theory, a proposal for a new way to allocate refugees, and an assortment of research projects on creating a healthier information environment for our democracy.

Some Random Stuff!

Lastly, my most often used social media is probably goodreads, and I absolutely love reading (and more recently writing!) Speculative Fiction. I also love going to Comedy shows and musicals, watching any and all Tollywood movies, and finding people to play deception games with (I will never say no to an Avalon or Secret Hitler Game).

In a past life, I was a Regeneron and Siemens Scholar for my work in creating a cheaper, AI-powered Radon Mitigation system, a member of the Alumni Advisory Board for the Congressional App Challenge, a fellow at Schmidt Futures, Unshackled Ventures, and Pear Garage, and I was a co-founder of Time Flies, an AI scheduling tool for the US Air Force.

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